Wrist Rooster

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Don't let the silly name fool you, this cover is the perfect companion for your Garmin Foretrex GPS to keep it protected.

Primary cover is made of laminate fabric with a vinyl window and button holes to allow manipulation with gloves. It's tight fit further helps with manipulation and keeps it in place along side hook and loop tabs with slots for the passthrough of the wrist strap that ensure it stays in place.

The Wrist Roosters anti-glare cover, known as the Comb can be added if necessary to remove any glare from the primary cover and give added protection to the GPS unit. a mini document pouch on the inside retains any valuable information and held closed with hook and loop.

Topped off with a wrist strap made of mil-spec parts and is designed 1 inch longer than the included Foretrex strap to help with fitting overtop of sleeves, and attachment to gear and rifle stocks.

*Be sure to select the  correct model for your Garmin when ordering, wrist straps are cross compatible, but the Wrist Rooster's cover and comb are not.*

*Available only for the Garmin 601/701 model, and the 801/901 model. Garmin Foretrex GPS not included*


Modular System of three parts, use only what you need.
-US made materials
-Multiple layers of protection


-Dimensions (9cm x 5 cm x 4cm (3.5" x 1.9" x 1.6")
-Weight: 35g (1.25oz)
-Colours:  Multicam, M81 Woodland, Tiger Stripe. More colours in the future.

*Made in Canada