Custom Work

From time to time we still take on new custom projects for clients.

Custom Work:

 If you have a project or product idea please fill out the form below or email us at Being highly specific and including sketches is very beneficial for making your idea go from concept to reality.

Alterations to our products:

 If you'd like an alteration to a product we already produce we can most definitely accommodate your request. This includes anything from additions and size alterations of products or even producing in a fabric pattern that is not listed within the product page. For these one off modifications there will be a price premium based on the request but can usually be done for a modest price.

Modifications to other companies product: 

We are able to do modifications to other manufacturers products but this work is very limited. This will require planning on the clients part to clearly describe and show the product to be modified and the end result desired. It will be the clients responsibility to ship the product to our shop once the project has been green-lit.