Vehicle Trauma Pouch

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Basic first aid kits from large outlet stores rarely carry the appropriate gear for life saving intervention during a serious motor accident. While they may have some products to help with severe bleeding, it is generally not enough and filled with supplies to make them essentially a "boo boo" kit. Great for bumps, scrapes and insect bites, but cluttered when life saving measures are needed for serious incidents.

Our Vehicle Trauma Pouch is not made to carry standard first aid supplies, only the essentials.

We worked alongside a highly experienced Advanced Care Paramedic to develop this pouch and the contents it can hold can help stabilize a victim in most situations until professional medical care can arrive.

Dead center on the front of the pouch contains a vinyl pocket for nitrile or other barrier gloves for patient handling, and on either side includes an elastic slot for holding tourniquets. Behind the vinyl pouch is a slot for shears, with their own dedicated snap-button securement.

The zippered enclosure has large beads on the end of the zipper loops to easy opening in high stress environments and when wearing any type of glove.

Inside the front cover has three vinyl pockets, one large and two small for holding various sizes of gauze pads, and other flat laying medical supplies. The adjacent side can hold various sizes of larger medical products and is adjustable thanks to Velcro Self-Grip straps. CPR barrier mask, self adhering bandages (vet wrap) and roller bandages are among the items to be held securely on this side.

The Vehicle Trauma Pouch comes included with an elastic headrest wrap to securely mount the pouch to the backside of almost any vehicle headrest and is quick to deploy with hook and loop securement.

Always make sure you have First-Aid training before applying life saving measures.

*This is for the pouch only. None of the medical products shown are included*


-Carries only the life saving essentials
-Milspec and commercial fabrics
-YKK Zipper enclosure
-Beads for an easy to open pouch
-Adjustable Velcro Self-Grip securement of internal medical products
-Vinyl outer pocket for medical gloves
-Easy to remove hook and loop attachment


-Dimensions Empty L*W*H:
     -24cm * 20cm * 5cm
     -9.5" * 7.9" * 2.0"
-Dimensions Full L*W*H:
     -24cm * 20cm * 11cm
     -9.5" * 7.9" * 4.25"
-Weight: 325g (11.5oz)

-Currently only available in Black

*Made in Canada