Positional Shooting Strap

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The seemingly inconspicuous Strap (Positional Support Strap) has little value to most people. However, those who have some knowledge, a pinch of training, and lots of creativity will find these an invaluable asset within their range bag and hunting gear.


Uses include but not limited to:

-Support when in the sitting position.
-A tie point between bipod and belt, allowing tension for shots where effective bipod loading is limited.
-Restraining a colleague from eating your last Twinkie*
-Hang from an object or tree branch above when supported standing shots are required.
-Connect multiple Straps to detain flatulent friend inside Porta-Potty
-Emergency tie-down when pack or equipment failure occurs in the field.
-A lasso for when you and your range partner do more than just send 'rounds down range'


-Generous loop size allows for strap to be tightened while wearing gloves or large mitts with ease.
-Long length allows for diversity of shooting support possibilities.


Length: ~236cm (93")
Weight: 64g (2.25oz)
Colours: Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, Multicam

*Made in Canada

*Hostess, the producer of Twinkies does not endorse this product, but should.