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Designed to be more durable then most muzzle covers, this cover has additional material on the inside to protect rifles with muzzle brakes or crowns from damage on the range or in the field. The larger diameter accommodates brakes of all sizes and when integrated as part of the complete Scope Cover System it can handle the stress of muzzle up or down carry on packs.

*Includes ITW GT QASM buckle for attachment to Nomad Scope Cover


-Milspec fabrics with ITW components
-Multiple layers of 1000D fabric for increased strength
-Reinforced cap to limit muzzle crowns and brakes from wear-through or light impact
-Able to accommodate rifles with barrel lengths up to approx 75cm (30")
-Can fit muzzle brakes up to the Cadex MX1 50BMG


-Length: ~15.5cm (6.0")
-Width: ~13.2cm (5.25")
-Strap Length: 80cm (31.5")
-Weight: 80g (2.8oz)
-Colours: Coyote Brown, Multicam, Ranger Green, M81 Woodland, Tiger Stripe

*Made in Canada