Ammo Binder - Long Action

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Just like the short action binders, these are a rattle-free method of holding 30 rounds of long action ammunition in one package. Individual loops for each round and the folding design makes sure no round touches another.

Elastic closure designed to keep the binder tight when stowed, and the ITW metal-bar is set up to be moved vertically on the cover to increase or decrease elastic tension as required.


-Securely stores 30 rounds of long action ammunition
-Milspec fabrics with ITW components
-Elastic closure system with adjustable tension
-1" loop on top of binder for ID strips / round identifiers


-Dimensions Open L*W*H:
     -47m * 22cm * 2.0cm
     -18.5" * 8.75" * 0.75"
-Dimensions Closed L*W*H:
     -11cm * 22cm * 5.0cm
     -4.5" * 8.75" * 2.0"
-Weight: 185g (6.6oz)
-Colours: Coyote Brown, Multicam, Ranger Green, M81 Woodland

*Made in Canada