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Your tripod is cold, but instead of bringing them inside, buy it a new outfit!

The Tripod Outfit consists of two areas, the trousers and the hammock.

The Tripod Trousers have two long legs and one short leg. Both sizes have loops for attaching accessories to, as well as looping the Hammock and Panel straps. Also included are hypalon molle patches for affixing small pouches for multitools, kestrel pouches, etc. The shorter leg is designed to keep the tripod leg accessible for those who use a tension strap for stabilizing rifles for tripod precision shooting. All held together with a 1/8" shock cord laced through eyelets.

The Hammock is just that, a place to hold kit for quick access. From data books, rangefinders, bananas, anything you may need at a moments notice. Includes a grommet passthrough in the middle for cordage from a tripod with a drop hook. This allows you to hang a small pack, Huggy Bag or other weighted object to plant your tripod in place.

* Current design is made for the Vortex Radian Carbon Tripod and other tripods with similar leg and deployed measurements. *

Parts can be purchased as a combo (the Outfit) or as separate Hammock and Trouser kits.

* Other tripods will be supported in the future. *


Hammock Specifications:
-Height: 29cm (11.4")
-Width: 33cm (13.0")
-Weight: 75g (2.6oz)

Trouser Specifications;

Full Height Trouser:
-Height: 33cm (13.0")
-Width: 10.5cm (4.1")

Half Height Trouser:
-Height: 19cm (7.5")
-Width: 10.5cm (4.1")

- Total weight of trousers with elastic cord: 160g (5.6oz)

-Colours: Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Multicam, M81 Woodland, Tiger Stripe

*Always Made in Canada