Ammo Binder - Long Action

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A compact, rattle-free method of holding 30 rounds of long action ammunition in one package.

Elastic closure designed to keep the binder tight when stowed, and the ITW metal-bar is set up to be moved vertically on the cover to increase or decrease elastic tension as required.


-Securely stores 30 rounds of long action ammunition
-Milspec fabrics with ITW components
-Elastic closure system with adjustable tension
-1" loop on top of binder for ID strips / round identifiers


-Dimensions Open L*W*H:
     -46cm * 22cm * 2cm
     -18.25" * 8.5" * 0.75"
-Dimensions Closed L*W*H:
     -12.0cm * 22cm * 5.0cm
     -4.75" * 8.5" * 2.0"
-Weight: 200g (7.0oz)
-Colours: Coyote Brown, Multicam, Ranger Green, M81 Woodland, Wolf Grey

*Made in Canada