Stock Harness (Frog)

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The stock harness aka Frog is a means of supporting a wide array of stock types and designs, including many skeleton style stocks with an adjustable, yet secure wrap when used with the Nomad Scope Cover System to carry your rifle via your favorite pack or ruck.

The main body of the frog wraps behind your stock butt pad, and the legs wrap around the stock. It is then secured into the 'mouth' of the harness and sandwiched in between the hook and loop fields.

With the supplied QASM buckle body attached to your Nomad Scope Cover and tightened down, the strap attached to the harness' outer flap creates sufficient tension inside the hook and loop closure to ensure the legs are kept in place and will not detach under normal and adverse conditions in the field.

For clarifications on setup see the images on this page.

*Includes ITW GT QASM buckle for attachment to Scope Cover


-Milspec fabrics with ITW components
-Hook and loop sandwich design securely holds wide array of stocks
-Able to accommodate butt stocks up to an approximate circumference of 30cm (12")


-Length: ~19cm (7.5")
-Width: ~8.2cm (3.25")
-Weight: 50g (1.75oz)
-Colours: Coyote Brown, Multicam, Ranger Green, M81 Woodland

*Made in Canada

*If your desired colour is not available please Contact us with a request and we'll do our best to meet your requirements.