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Kit familiarity is important, that's why we made the Scope Cover System, so you can implement a rifle carrier onto your pack or ruck of choice without needing to invest in a completely new pack.

The design can be implemented onto virtually any small pack or ruck that has an external frame, molle/pals webbing, around shoulder strap/hip belt or any other strong method of attaching the Pack Hooks to your pack with their simple cinch loops.

There is little restriction for how you can set up your pack to carry your rifle, from the side or directly to the back or slung at an angle, with the option of muzzle up or down based on user preference. Tightening down the Pack Hooks also compresses your entire pack for a tight and movement-free system.

When deploying your rifle, loosen the Pack hooks, and remove the G-hooks from the Scope Cover strap anchor points to release your rifle and Scope Cover and Stock Harness from your pack. Loosen or release the muzzle cover strap along with the scope cover buckles to have your rifle ready for use (the Stock Harness does need to be unbuckled from the cover, but not required to be removed from the stock for use as it doesn't interfere with rifle operation).



-Complete system for attaching virtually rifle onto any pack or ruck. 
-Made with milspec webbing, milspec DWR fabrics and ITW components.

-Set Includes: 

  • 1x Scope Cover
  • 1x Muzzle Cover
  • 1x Stock Harness Set
  • Set (x4) of Pack Hooks



-Weight: 600g (21.2oz)
-Colours: Coyote Brown, Multicam, Ranger Green, M81 Woodland

*Made in Canada

*If your desired colour is not available please Contact us with a request and we'll do our best to meet your requirements.