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Are you tired of holding a map in one hand while fumbling with markers and lids in the other, only to drop one (or all) into the hull of an armored vehicle, losing them to the infamous turret monster when all you want to do is finish your trace and yell at subordinates for improper radio discipline?

The CF Admin Panel was designed exclusively to reduce turret monster feeding by up to *91.3%*, thereby dropping overall aggravation and Adreps sent to the SQ for additional markers while increasing the all-important rack time.

The retained-lid design allows for one-handed retrieve-and-replacement of standard issued Staedtler markers as well as other writing implements that have the clip close to the tip of the lid. Elastic design accommodates many sizes of pens or other implements and holds them securely to the user.

The CF Admin Panel is the correct size for attachment to the loop field on issued CF Combat Shirts but also on the front of CF Frag Vests.



-Securely holds up to 6 writing implements.
-Retains the lids of common Staedtler markers among many more.
-1.5" Elastic webbing expands to hold many sizes of pens, markers, etc.
-1" Elastic webbing traps free marker ends from becoming a snag hazard inside confined spaces.



-Length: 17cm (6.75") 
-Width:10.5 (4.1")
-Weight: 35g (1.25oz)
-Colours: Olive Drab, Coyote Brown

 *Made in Canada

*Turret monster feeding percentage is a fictitious number and therefore doesn't reflect the reduction in lost items to the inner hull of an armored vehicle. Individual results of the loss of pen lids, sanity, etc will vary.*